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My Health at Work

www.myhealthatwork.com - Advice for Pregnant Workers

For pregnant women at work, it is always important to get up-to-date advice on workplace hazards and risks, your employer must do all that is reasonable to remove it or prevent your exposure to these hazards.
This website is dedicated to protecting pregnant women at work.
Healthy Workers is a nonprofit network devoted to providing health advice to workers. Through its three websites. myhealthatwork.com, fittowork.net and fittotravel.net.

Website Sections:

1.    Articles and advice

The website designed to teach pregnant workers about the chemical hazards and other types of hazards present in their workplace that  affect their safety and health conditions.

2.    My Health calculator

Different type of tools and calculators to help you be healthier and get control over your health.

3.    Q&A forum

Easy way to ask questions, and share information pertaining to health of pregnant workers.

4.    My health calendar

The heath calendar shows you the major health awareness  days months, and events related to women’s health.

5.    Latest news

latest news and health research on the topics of women health from reliable resources.

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